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Finn Juhl Chieftain Chair
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Finn Juhl Chieftain Chair

Finn Juhl for House of Finn Juhl

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  • *Nevada Leather - Black *Nevada Leather - Black

Leather Group 2

Nevada Leather

NEVADA is a full-grain, vacuum-tanned, smooth aniline leather. The hide is firm, but supple with an exceptional grain. The best choice when looking for Saddle-type leather. Visible insect bites, healed wounds and fat stripes contribute to the exclusive look. Cromfree tanned – made without the use of PCP and CFC, which are harmful to the enviroment. Grain leather from South German cattle hides.

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Sørensen Paris Passion Leather

A strong and soft full-grain leather in semi-aniline. A smooth, slim leather, Paris Passion is comfortable with a great feel. It has natural markings and a natural appearance with a light surface finish. It is user-friendly and easy to maintain.

  • Black 33539Black 33539
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Montana Leather

MONTANA is a full grain leather with a study structure. Pure aniline leather with an international shade card. Visible insect-bites and scars from healed wounds add to the exclusive look of the leather. Chrome tanned and produced without the use of PCP and CFC which are damaging to the enviroment. Grain leather from South German cattle hides.

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  • MO 2834 SandMO 2834 Sand
  • MO 4468 TerracottaMO 4468 Terracotta
  • MO 1241 GraphiteMO 1241 Graphite
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Classic Leather

Chrome-tanned, top-coated, strong full-grain and durable surface. Fast to light. Thickness approx. 0.055-0.06".

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  • Classic BlackClassic Black
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Vacona Leather

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Leather Group 4

Sørensen Vegetal Nature Leather

Vegetable-tanned leather of the highest quality that rapidly acquires a patina. This soft "naked" leather is affected by light and acquires a beautiful nut-brown colour with time, making each piece unique. Variations in colour in the hides exist with natural markings. Susceptible to dirt and smudges

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Elegance Leather

**NOTE: Leather NOT CA 117 compliant. Contact us for more information.**

Vegetable and chrome-tanned, aniline, full-grain with light structure and light impregnation. Becomes lighter and patinated with use, visible natural markings. Thickness approx. 0.055-0.06".

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Skandilock Sheepskin

Composition: 100% Wool

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  • Sheepskin 14 CharcoalSheepskin 14 Charcoal
  • Sheepskin 15 EspressoSheepskin 15 Espresso
  • Sheepskin 16 StoneSheepskin 16 Stone
  • Sheepskin 18 MapleSheepskin 18 Maple


The iconic Chieftain Chair is one of Finn Juhl’s absolute masterpieces, representing the peak of his career as a furniture designer. At its introduction in 1949, the chair marked a renewal of the Danish furniture design tradition. Today, it is perceived as one of the most important exponents of the Danish Modern movement in the US during the 1950s. For this reason, Finn Juhl is often considered the father of Danish Modern.

Inspired by modern art, the Chieftain Chair with its organic shapes, liberated itself from traditional Danish furniture design and strict functionalism in both shape, construction and materials.

In 2012, the Chieftain Chair won the Danish Design Award, Classic. The jury said in its motivation: ”Today, the Chieftain Chair stands as an inspiration to a new generation of furniture designers and as proof that attention to quality, international calibre and a will to break away from tradition can pave the way to make a difference as a designer”.

The Chieftain Chair and Stool are manufactured in walnut and are upholstered in leather.


39.37" W x 34.65" D x 36.42" H
Seat: 13.58" H


Frame in Walnut
Leather Upholstery

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House of Finn Juhl

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