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Glismand + Rudiger

Glismand + Rudiger
We are Tonny and Karl of Glismand & Rüdiger and, amongst other things, we design furniture for Bolia. Honesty is our guideline when we make our things. It's very important that our designs don't pretend to be something that they are not. If we make a solid oak table then it's a solid oak table. Not a veneer finish oak imitation table. We produce designs for a real world where people sit in chairs and eat at tables and sleep in sofas. That way, people aren't afraid to use our products. Jump in the sofa and spill some wine on the table. That's what it's for. That's life.

BoliaC3 Lounge Chair

From $1,845.00

BoliaCosy 3 Units

From $4,772.00

BoliaCosy Footstool

From $1,259.00

BoliaDize Footstool

From $194.00

BoliaDT18 Dining Table

From $2,484.00

BoliaDT20 Dining Table

From $2,662.00

BoliaDude Chair

From $2,160.00

BoliaElement 2 Units

From $3,958.00

BoliaHalo Coffee Table

From $1,561.00

BoliaMadison Footstool

From $1,043.00

BoliaMadison Sofa

From $2,651.00

BoliaOrlando 3 Units

From $3,452.00

BoliaOrlando Pouf

From $719.00

BoliaPax Footstool

From $975.00

BoliaPax Swivel Chair

From $1,952.00

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