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Gubi - 500 1000

Brand: Gubi

Founded in 1967 to showcase the postmodern furniture designs and textile catalog of husband-and-wife duo Gubi and Lisbeth Larson, Gubi has grown into a Danish design house with global influence. While its roots remain planted in Copenhagen, Gubi furniture collections have a cosmopolitan flavor that is internationally recognized.

With a current stable of visionaries like GamFratesi and Paul Leroy, and a range of work by traditional icons such as Henning Larsen and Greta M. Grossman, Gubi is pushing creative and technical boundaries through re-imagining the past and inventing the future.


GubiBL7 Wall Lamp

From $30800


GubiBL6 Wall Lamp

From $33900


GubiBL5 Wall Lamp

From $69900


GubiBL2 Table Lamp

From $64900

GubiDemon Shelf

From $42500


GubiMulti-Lite Pendant

From $81900


GubiBL1 Table Lamp

From $79900


GubiBL3S Floor Lamp

From $97900


GubiPaper Coffee Table

From $44500

GubiTurbo Pendant

From $82900


GubiTynell 1965 Pendant

From $74500

GubiTS Side Table

From $77500


GubiCollar Pendant

From $59500

GubiCoco Bar Chair

From $82500