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Wendelbo - 1000 2500

Brand: Wendelbo

Quality since 1955, Wendelbo Interiors

Many things have changed since 1955 when the Wendelbo furniture business was founded in Aarhus, Denmark. Upholsterer and founder Tage Petersen had a goal of producing custom-made sofas using the old-fashioned styles of craftsmanship and incorporating values such as quality, precision and pride. These values instilled by the founder remain core to the business today.

Since 1989 the company has been run by second generation - Christina & Lars Wendelbo. Under their leadership, Wendelbo has become a well-known and preferable supplier of upholstered furniture to the Scandinavian market. The company is constantly innovative in terms of focus and design. The style has become more contemporary and the production has become more industrial - without forgetting the traditional values.

WendelboHug Chair

From $1,56000

WendelboHug Sofa

From $2,07600

WendelboEdge V1 Sofa

From $2,34300

WendelboBlade Sofa

From $2,22100

WendelboMood Sofa

From $2,08200

WendelboLobby Sofa

From $1,69900

WendelboVista Sofa

From $2,13400

WendelboBale Sofa

From $2,45300

WendelboCanoe Daybed

From $2,01600

WendelboCornet Sofa

From $2,25000

WendelboHold Sofa

From $2,68300

WendelboLilin Sofa

From $2,59000

WendelboMango Chair

From $1,34300

WendelboPoller Table

From $1,54900

WendelboDijon Rug

From $73700