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Neck Cushion for Wegner Queen Chair

Neck Cushion for Wegner Queen Chair

Hans J. Wegner for Erik Jørgensen

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Semi-Aniline Omni Leather

Thickness: 1.2-1.4 mm. Light fastness: >5. Pigmented nappa with fine grain structure. Easy caring for a wide range of articles.

  • Omni 112 Warm GreyOmni 112 Warm Grey
  • Omni 293 Burnt SiennaOmni 293 Burnt Sienna
  • Omni 301 BlackOmni 301 Black
  • Omni 307 CognacOmni 307 Cognac
  • Omni 320 Dark ClayOmni 320 Dark Clay
  • Omni 377 Dark BrownOmni 377 Dark Brown

Fredericia Leather Premium

Type: Full-grain. Thickness: 1.5-1.7 mm. Light fastness: >5. A state of the art full-grain semi-aniline leather made from the best Scandinavian bull hides. Thanks to a delicate and precise protective layer, Leather Premium retains a comfortable touch with excellent breathability. The leather is user-friendly and hardwearing with protection against dirt and light. This article was originally developed for Fredericia's Mogensen 22 Collection, but is suitable for all leather furniture. Chrome tanned in Italy.

  • 74 Umbra Grey74 Umbra Grey
  • 75 Cognac75 Cognac
  • 86 Dark Brown86 Dark Brown
  • 88 Black88 Black

Fredericia Leather Aniline Nature

Type: Flat full-grain. Thickness: 1.2-1.4 mm. Light fastness: >4. This luxurious full-grain aniline leather has a pleasant touch and a natural open-pored texture. The leather is highly breathable and comfortable with a smooth, natural surface and tight structure. Aniline Nature is made from top selection Scandinavian bull hides with discrete visible marks of animal life. With no protective layer, Aniline Nature is sensible in use and will acquire a patina over time. Chrome then vegetable tanned in Italy.

  • Aniline Nature 91 NutshellAniline Nature 91 Nutshell
  • Aniline Nature 92 TanAniline Nature 92 Tan
  • Aniline Nature 93 Indian RedAniline Nature 93 Indian Red
  • Aniline Nature 95 CognacAniline Nature 95 Cognac
  • Aniline Nature 96 Dark BrownAniline Nature 96 Dark Brown
  • Aniline Nature 98 BlackAniline Nature 98 Black

Fredericia Vegetal Leather

Type: Flat full-grain. Thickness: 1.2-1.4 mm. Light fastness: >3. A pure, uncolored aniline leather with a refined touch. This leather is produced fform the top selection of Scandinavian bull hides. Discrete marks of animal life demonstrate the material's authentic origin. Vegetal Nature has a natural open-pored texture, making the leather highly breathable. With no protective layer, Vegetal Nature is sensible in use. This leather quickly acquires a unique patina and darkens over time. Fully vegetable tanned in Italy.

  • Vegetal Nature 90 NaturalVegetal Nature 90 Natural

Fredericia Leather Nubuck Velvet

Type: Flattened full-grain, slightly sanded. Light fastness: >4. Nubuck Velvet is a nubuck leather with a warm and charming look made from the finest European bull hides. A full-grain aniline hide has been lightly sanded to obtain a matte effect. The velvety soft touch of this nubuck leather is unparalleled by any other articles. Nubuck Velvet is Scotchguard protected during the tanning process, while the surface remains sensible in use. Chrome tanned in Italy.

  • Leather Nubuck Velvet 501 Light SandLeather Nubuck Velvet 501 Light Sand
  • Leather Nubuck Velvet 502 Warm GreyLeather Nubuck Velvet 502 Warm Grey
  • Leather Nubuck Velvet 506 BlackLeather Nubuck Velvet 506 Black
  • Leather Nubuck Velvet 512 OliveLeather Nubuck Velvet 512 Olive
*Digital swatches are not always color accurate. Please contact us for samples.


Removable neck cushion for the Wegner Queen Chair. Queen Chair sold separately.

Hans J. Wegner’s work was characterized by an innovative and organic approach to the art of designing. Queen was designed by Wegner in the late 1960s and is, to this day, still one of his most elegant armchairs.

The chair’s mode of expression is a feminine reflection of his popular Ox chair, and the two dissimilar easy chairs complement each other in a beautiful aesthetic juxtaposition.



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Erik Jørgensen

Erik Jørgensen

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Hans J. Wegner

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