Mogensen 2213-Seat Sofa

Børge Mogensen
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Mogensen 2213-Seat Sofa



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Product Info

2213 3-Seat Sofa
Design: Børge Mogensen
Manufactured by: Fredericia Furniture
Dimensions (in): 87.5 w | 32 d | 31.5 h | seat: 16.5 h

Børge Mogensen specifically designed the 2213 for his home in Gentofte, north of Copenhagen, where the original still stands, placed between the two tables that dictated the measurements of the sofa. The simplicity and clean lines have since made the sofa one of the most recognised Mogensen pieces, still used widely today in government buildings, embassies, executive offices and private homes the world over.

The 2213 is available in all leathers offered by Frederica Furniture. Call to order or for more info: 800.688.0974.

Danish Design Store is an authorized dealer of the entire Fredericia Furniture Collection. Contact a Fredericia product specialist for special orders or more information.

About the designer:  Børge Mogesen

 Functional is the word which best describes Børge Mogensen’s design. The majority of his furniture was designed with industrial production in mind and is characterized by strong and simple lines. His true genius is to be found in his almost scientific analysis of the functionality of a piece of furniture.  During his years at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts the young Børge Mogensen developed a close partnership with his mentor Kaare Klint and subsequently also assumed Klint’s approach to simple and functional furniture design. Later on Børge Mogensen was to work as Klint’s teaching assistant at the Royal Academy.