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Nissen & Gehl MDD

Nissen & Gehl MDD was founded by cabinet makers and designers Søren Nissen and Ebbe Gehl in 1970. As former cabinet makers turned furniture designers, their designs focus on the natural elements of wood and the traditions of Scandanavian design. Each handcrafted piece designed by Nissen & Gehl MDD includes elements of modernism and traditionalism, paying homage to the mid-century style of Scandanavian interior design. The Naver Collection, part of Nissen & Gehl MDD’s most popular designs portray the designers’ commitment to high-quality material and design.

NaverAK 700 Trolley

From $2,19500

NaverAK1300 Sideboard

From $6,43600

NaverAK1330 Desk

From $4,17400

NaverAK1340 Desk

From $4,32000

NaverAK1350 TV Stand

From $4,15000

NaverAK1365 Cabinet

From $2,47000

NaverAK2630 Sideboard

From $4,60400

NaverAK2660 Sideboard

From $5,97700

NaverAK2720 TV Stand

From $2,79900

NaverAK2730 Sideboard

From $4,84100

NaverAK2770 Cabinet

From $2,60500

NaverAK6-14 Mirror

From $53300

NaverGM7700 Table

From $5,62400