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Brand: Eilersen
Initially founded in 1895 by horse-drawn coach builder Niels Eilersen, it wasn’t until the 1930s that this family operated Danish designer transitioned away from building for the transport industry to focus solely on the European furniture market. It was a savvy business decision, and today Eilersen maintains a highly regarded place among the finest Danish furniture makers. The first Danish firm to incorporate steam while bending wood, Eilersen has a storied tradition of innovative craftsmanship of the highest quality. Each piece in the catalog is created with the fashion-conscious design, superior comfort, and genuine Danish craftsmanship that has made Eilersen synonymous with comfort and elegance for over a century.

EilersenBag Footstool

From $1,261.00


EilersenBaseline Sofa - Sectional

On Sale from $4,999.00 Regular price
$9,741.00 - 48% Off

EilersenBox Sofa

From $912.00


EilersenButterfly Sofa

From $6,495.00

EilersenChess Sofa

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EilersenCocoon Sofa



EilersenControl Lounge Chair

On Sale $4,399.00 Regular price
$7,046.00 - 37% Off

EilersenCube Sofa

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EilersenFatty Sofa

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EilersenFlap Sofa

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EilersenGreat Lift Sofa

From $7,237.00


EilersenLift Sofa



EilersenMission Sofa

On Sale from $3,299.00 Regular price
$6,523.00 - 49% Off


EilersenModel IW2 Chair

From $1,071.00


EilersenPlano Sectional Sofa

On Sale from $6,599.00 Regular price
$11,702.00 - 43% Off


EilersenPlayground Sofa

On Sale from $2,799.00 Regular price
$4,905.00 - 42% Off


EilersenSkagen Sofa

From $5,794.00

EilersenSlice Sectional Sofa

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EilersenSlice Sofa

On Sale from $2,799.00 Regular price
$4,712.00 - 40% Off


EilersenSoft Ice Corner Sofa

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EilersenSoft Ice Sofa

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EilersenStreamline Footstool

On Sale from $549.00 Regular price
$1,008.00 - 45% Off


EilersenStreamline High Back Chair

On Sale from $1,499.00 Regular price
$2,596.00 - 42% Off


EilersenStreamline Sofa

On Sale from $3,299.00 Regular price
$5,548.00 - 40% Off


EilersenTub Easy Chair

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EilersenTub Sofa

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