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Unix Office Chair - Four Legged Base
Unix Office Chair - Four Legged Base
Unix Office Chair - Four Legged Base
Antonio Citterio for Vitra

Unix Office Chair - Four Legged Base

Regular price $1,190.00
0 Select Material
Silk Mesh
Diamond Mesh
Fabric F30
1 Select Base
Basic Dark
Soft Gray
2 Select Casters or Glides
Plastic Glides (Carpet)
Felt Glides (Hard Floor)
Hard Casters (Carpet)
Soft Casters (Hard Floor)
3 Select Material Please select a fabric.
*Digital swatches are not always color accurate. Please contact us for samples.

Silk Mesh

Composition: Polyester 67%, Polyamide 33%

Designer: Vitra

Durability: 40.000 Martindale

  • 21 Silk Mesh Dim Grey21 Silk Mesh Dim Grey
  • 24 Silk Mesh Soft Grey24 Silk Mesh Soft Grey
  • 54 Silk Mesh Brown54 Silk Mesh Brown
  • 66 Silk Mesh Nero66 Silk Mesh Nero
  • 67 Silk Mesh Asphalt67 Silk Mesh Asphalt
  • 68 Silk Mesh Avocado68 Silk Mesh Avocado
  • 71 Silk Mesh Mauve Grey71 Silk Mesh Mauve Grey
  • 77 Silk Mesh Brick77 Silk Mesh Brick
  • 79 Silk Mesh Ice Grey79 Silk Mesh Ice Grey

Diamond Mesh

Composition: 100% Polyester

Designer: Vitra

Durability: 45.000 Martindale

  • Diamond Mesh 21 Dim GreyDiamond Mesh 21 Dim Grey
  • Diamond Mesh 24 Soft GreyDiamond Mesh 24 Soft Grey
  • Diamond Mesh 54 BrownDiamond Mesh 54 Brown
  • Diamond Mesh 66 NeroDiamond Mesh 66 Nero
  • Diamond Mesh 67 AsphaltDiamond Mesh 67 Asphalt
  • Diamond Mesh 68 AvocadoDiamond Mesh 68 Avocado
  • Diamond Mesh 71 Mauve GreyDiamond Mesh 71 Mauve Grey
  • Diamond Mesh 77 BrickDiamond Mesh 77 Brick
  • Diamond Mesh 79 Ice GreyDiamond Mesh 79 Ice Grey


Composition: 100% Polyester

Designer: Vitra

Durability: 80.000 Martindale

  • 03 Parchment Cream White03 Parchment Cream White
  • 05 Cream White Sierra Grey05 Cream White Sierra Grey
  • 07 Orange07 Orange
  • 11 Marron Cognac11 Marron Cognac
  • 12 Light Grey Ice Blue12 Light Grey Ice Blue
  • 13 Nero Ice Blue13 Nero Ice Blue
  • 15 Pink Sierra Grey15 Pink Sierra Grey
  • 16 Dark Red Ice Blue16 Dark Red Ice Blue
  • 17 Forest Sierra Grey17 Forest Sierra Grey
  • 18 Light Grey Sierra Grey18 Light Grey Sierra Grey
  • 19 Sierra Grey19 Sierra Grey
  • 20 Tabacco Cream White20 Tabacco Cream White
  • 34 Grass Green Forest34 Grass Green Forest
  • 39 Yellow Pastel Green39 Yellow Pastel Green
  • 40 Coconut Forest40 Coconut Forest
  • 41 Classic Green Forest41 Classic Green Forest
  • 43 Petrol Nero43 Petrol Nero
  • 52 Mint Forest52 Mint Forest
  • 54 Brown54 Brown
  • 61 Classic Green Cognac61 Classic Green Cognac
  • 62 Dark Grey Nero62 Dark Grey Nero
  • 63 Red Poppy Red63 Red Poppy Red
  • 66-nero66 Nero
  • 67 Cognac67 Cognac
  • 68 Avocado68 Avocado
  • 69 Dark Grey69 Dark Grey
  • 72 Poppy Red72 Poppy Red
  • 73 Nero Coconut73 Nero Coconut
  • 74 Sierra Grey Nero74 Sierra Grey Nero
  • 75 Marron Nero75 Marron Nero
  • 80 Coffee80 Coffee
  • 81 Blue Coconut81 Blue Coconut
  • 84 Poppy Red Champagne84 Poppy Red Champagne
  • 86 Dark Blue Brown86 Dark Blue Brown
  • 87 Nero Cream White87 Nero Cream White
  • 96 Red Cognac96 Red Cognac
  • 97 Red Coconut97 Red Coconut
  • 98 Dark Red Nero98 Dark Red Nero
  • 99 Cognac Parchment99 Cognac Parchment
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Product Information

The Unix Chair is the ultimate all-rounder for office environments. It can be used behind a desk as a task chair or in front of it as a visitor chair. Unix is available in different versions that are ideal for conferences and meetings. And it is suited for touchdown workstations as well as waiting areas. The chair’s structural design and the innovative padded mesh cover ensure a high level of comfort. Thanks to a wide range of colour options, it works equally well in sleek, functional office settings and in more expressive and personal work environments.


Glides: 23.24" D x 32.75" H x 22.75" W. Seat Height: 16"
Castors: 24.5" D x 33.25" H x 23.5" W. Seat Height: 16"


Seat frame and armrest sleeves: monochrome polypropylene in basic dark or soft gray.
Seat and back cover: Plano fabric or one of the 3D spacer fabrics Diamond Mesh (mesh look) or Silk Mesh (solid look). For Silk Mesh covers in soft gray, mauve gray and ice gray, the reverse side is in soft gray. For Silk Mesh covers in brown, nero and asphalt, the reverse side is in nero. For Silk Mesh covers in avocado, brick and dim gray, the reverse side is matched to the frame color (soft gray or nero).
Four-legged base: die-cast aluminum polished, equipped with glides or casters (Ø 2 1/2“).

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