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Wegner PP58/3 Chair - Upholstered
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Wegner PP58/3 Chair - Upholstered

Hans Wegner for PP Møbler

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Standard Leather

Sørensen Vegetal Nature Leather

Vegetable-tanned leather of the highest quality that rapidly acquires a patina. This soft "naked" leather is affected by light and acquires a beautiful nut-brown colour with time, making each piece unique. Variations in colour in the hides exist with natural markings. Susceptible to dirt and smudges

  • Vegetal Nature 20090Vegetal Nature 20090

Elegance Leather

**NOTE: Leather NOT CA 117 compliant. Contact us for more information.**

Vegetable and chrome-tanned, aniline, full-grain with light structure and light impregnation. Becomes lighter and patinated with use, visible natural markings. Thickness approx. 0.055-0.06".

  • BlackBlack
  • MoccaMocca
  • Indian RedIndian Red
  • WalnutWalnut

Vacona Leather

Aniline leather has none or only a light surface treatment which preserve the leather's natural surface and soft touch. All natural markings will be visible on aniline leather which contributes to the leather's exclusive appearance. The light surface treatment makes the leather breath and comfortable to sit in. On the other hand this kind of leather is very susceptible to dirt and will in time become a little darker. Only raw material from the best selection is used for aniline leather. In aniline leather it is possible to see the hair follicle in the grain. Raw material: Grain leather from South German cattle hides.

  • Sahara 3811Sahara 3811
  • Cognac 2488Cognac 2488
  • Teak 2057Teak 2057
  • Marble 1414Marble 1414
  • Indigo Blue 5740Indigo Blue 5740
  • Fango 7032Fango 7032

Soft Leather

Elmo Soft Leather

ELMOSOFT is a soft and pliable Semi-Aniline leather. Outstanding comfort combined with excellent durability and an extensive shade card, makes it very suitable for the public environment. Compare it with the somewhat sturdier, Elmonordic. Visible insect-bites and scars from healed wounds add to the elegant quality of the leather.

  • Elmo Soft 00100Elmo Soft 00100
  • Elmo Soft 00109Elmo Soft 00109
  • Elmo Soft 00118Elmo Soft 00118
  • Elmo Soft 01003Elmo Soft 01003
  • Elmo Soft 01021Elmo Soft 01021
  • Elmo Soft 01037Elmo Soft 01037
  • Elmo Soft 01040Elmo Soft 01040
  • Elmo Soft 01061Elmo Soft 01061
  • Elmo Soft 01085Elmo Soft 01085
  • Elmo Soft 02085Elmo Soft 02085
  • Elmo Soft 02110Elmo Soft 02110
  • Elmo Soft 05007Elmo Soft 05007
  • Elmo Soft 05011Elmo Soft 05011
  • Elmo Soft 06001Elmo Soft 06001
  • Elmo Soft 07008Elmo Soft 07008
  • Elmo Soft 07029Elmo Soft 07029
  • Elmo Soft 07075Elmo Soft 07075
  • Elmo Soft 07080Elmo Soft 07080
  • Elmo Soft 08035Elmo Soft 08035
  • Elmo Soft 11033Elmo Soft 11033
  • Elmo Soft 11049Elmo Soft 11049
  • Elmo Soft 11073Elmo Soft 11073
  • Elmo Soft 12080Elmo Soft 12080
  • Elmo Soft 12105Elmo Soft 12105
  • Elmo Soft 13048Elmo Soft 13048
  • Elmo Soft 13053Elmo Soft 13053
  • Elmo Soft 13064Elmo Soft 13064
  • Elmo Soft 13072Elmo Soft 13072
  • Elmo Soft 13087Elmo Soft 13087
  • Elmo Soft 16003Elmo Soft 16003
  • Elmo Soft 17027Elmo Soft 17027
  • Elmo Soft 22024Elmo Soft 22024
  • Elmo Soft 22030Elmo Soft 22030
  • Elmo Soft 33001Elmo Soft 33001
  • Elmo Soft 33004Elmo Soft 33004
  • Elmo Soft 35126Elmo Soft 35126
  • Elmo Soft 43054Elmo Soft 43054
  • Elmo Soft 43083Elmo Soft 43083
  • Elmo Soft 44005Elmo Soft 44005
  • Elmo Soft 44012Elmo Soft 44012
  • Elmo Soft 44026Elmo Soft 44026
  • Elmo Soft 45018Elmo Soft 45018
  • Elmo Soft 45050Elmo Soft 45050
  • Elmo Soft 45065Elmo Soft 45065
  • Elmo Soft 53032Elmo Soft 53032
  • Elmo Soft 54035Elmo Soft 54035
  • Elmo Soft 55002Elmo Soft 55002
  • Elmo Soft 57349Elmo Soft 57349
  • Elmo Soft 71017Elmo Soft 71017
  • Elmo Soft 75010Elmo Soft 75010
  • Elmo Soft 76025Elmo Soft 76025
  • Elmo Soft 77026Elmo Soft 77026
  • Elmo Soft 77030Elmo Soft 77030
  • Elmo Soft 77127Elmo Soft 77127
  • Elmo Soft 77158Elmo Soft 77158
  • Elmo Soft 78023Elmo Soft 78023
  • Elmo Soft 87088Elmo Soft 87088
  • Elmo Soft 88005Elmo Soft 88005
  • Elmo Soft 88020Elmo Soft 88020
  • Elmo Soft 88033Elmo Soft 88033
  • Elmo Soft 91102Elmo Soft 91102
  • Elmo Soft 93068Elmo Soft 93068
  • Elmo Soft 93099Elmo Soft 93099
  • Elmo Soft 93101Elmo Soft 93101
  • Elmo Soft 93129Elmo Soft 93129
  • Elmo Soft 95006Elmo Soft 95006
  • Elmo Soft 97038Elmo Soft 97038
  • Elmo Soft 98015Elmo Soft 98015
  • Elmo Soft 98047Elmo Soft 98047
  • Elmo Soft 99999Elmo Soft 99999
*Digital swatches are not always color accurate. Please contact us for samples.
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22.75" W x 20" D x 28" H
Seat: 17.25" H


Frame: Wood
Seat: Fabric/leather upholstery

Originally this chair was designed by Hans J. Wegner for the DSB (Danish Rail) ferries, however DSB ended up choosing another of Wegner's chairs, PP 208. Subsequently he continued working on the design, and in 1987 PP Møbler started the actual production of the PP58 Chair. With The PP58 Chair, Wegner created comfortable dining chairs suitable for long, cosy evenings around the dining table. As opposed to many of Wegner's more elaborate models, the short armrests have been designed enabling them to, partially, fit under the table, and it can also hang from the table top to make cleaning easier. Each solid wood tenon joint has been tested to withstand one ton of pulling strength.

The three-legged version of pp58 is named pp58/3. More simple in shape and stackable, but yet with the same basic characteristics as its predecessor: Excellent comfort, practical and with a strength and durability to outlast daily use for generations.

Even though the chair only has three legs, it is remarkably stable, and the triangular rail structure under the seat allows the simplest possible construction of the chair. This makes pp58/3 a beautiful and elegant chair for the dining table, and like pp58 it is the result of Wegner's experience from a long life as one of the world's greatest furniture designers.

NOTE: This item is made to order by some of the world's best furniture craftsmen using materials that are required to meet PP Mobler's exacting specifications. As such, lead times can vary and are subject to change.

PP Møbler

PP Møbler

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